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Officers & Directors

One Headwaters board member is elected from each of the four county commissioner precincts and the fifth member from anywhere in the county. Terms of service are four years. Elections occur in November of even numbered years. Citizens interested in running for election may contact the Headwaters office for further information

Director Precinct 1,  Tom Jones
PH: (830) 377-1881
Email: tjones@cmjckerrcounty.com
Term Expires: December 2022

Director Precinct 2, Chris Childs
Email: mrshonto@ktc.com
Term Expires: December 2022

Director Precinct 3,
Term Expires:

Director At-Large, John Elliott
PH: (830) 329-3885
Email: johnelliott@hctc.net
Term Expires: December 2024

Director Precinct 4, “Jeeper” Ragsdale III
PH: (830) 238-4670
Email:  jeeper@campstewart.com
Term Expires: December 2022