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Drought Info

slide3Drought in Texas
Texas is no stranger to drought. The seven-year drought of record in the 1950s was a turning point in Texas history that led to the formation of the Texas Water Development Board. Since then, Texas has faced several droughts including the most recent and most severe drought that began in 2011. This website brings together relevant resources, links, data and analyses to provide updated information on drought in Texas.  TWDB’s Recorder Well Program has more than doubled in the past 15 years, partially because more groundwater conservation districts are participating in the program. TWDB currently maintains 184 recorders in 79 counties.  In addition to the TWDB network, the U.S. Geological Survey and the Edwards Aquifer Authority also maintain their own networks of recorder wells in the state.  All of these data, including the U.S. Geological Survey and Edwards Aquifer Authority networks, are now available also on this website.


Drought Stages are triggered by the HGCD Drought Index Well Levels:



Feb Drought Index Water Levels 2020

1410 ft. – Stage 1
1400 ft. – Stage 2
1390 ft. – Stage 3
1380 ft. – Stage 4

The Palmer Drought Severity Index and Guadalupe River Flow at Kerrville will be considered when initiating these drought stages.  Exempt Well Owners are not restricted in terms of percentage reduction but are encouraged to apply the recommended watering practices and restrict non-essential water uses as listed in the District Drought Plan.

Other Drought Info: